Stories-for-Chip“Seriously cool.” — Gardner Dozois
“One of the few, the proud, the elite: a science fiction writer who can genuinely outdo the aberrant weirdness in contemporary headlines.” — Bruce Sterling
“JG Ballard with a Texas twang.” — SF Site
“Nastily funny.” — Locus
“A hot up-and-coming sf writer whose prose is slick, post-Gibsonian, and funny as hell, like Neal Stephenson meets Hunter S. Thompson.” — Cory Doctorow
“The strangest, farthest out piece of fiction I’ve ever read.” — If Then Else
“Brown’s prose is effortless.  He pulls off fanciful imagery and dry humor with a distinctive flair.  And between the sidewise smirks, there’s enough oblique political digging to make Jon Stewart proud.” — Tangent
SF14_cover2-2“Borges in a pop culture blender.” — Invisible Library
“Gonzo SF…Like a cross between William Gibson and Mark Leyner.” — Boing Boing
“Chris Brown is keeping cyberpunk alive with his wicked, apocalyptic, war-on-terror humor.” — RU Sirius