Ecotopia as reality TV

We can’t have our friends over during time of pandemic, so instead we have invited the whole world over.

When we were first approached about the opportunity to participate in the Apple TV + series HOME, my wife and I were wary. We are pretty private people, at least with respect to our domestic life, and the idea of inviting the whole world into your home is a lot to get your head around. But in the end, we concluded it was too good an opportunity to share the ideas we believe in, about rewilding the city and hacking the way we think about the domus. And we were very lucky to get to work with an incredible team helmed by director Doug Pray, who understand the story we and our neighbors had to share about how our project fits into a wider movement and deeper history, and who had the gifts to draw out how our intersections with urban nature had impacted us in our personal lives.

The end result is beautifully done, and accurately captures the story of how we took on this project. In a short 30 minutes, it manages to tell some of the dark history of this land, and provide a window into the possibility of a more ecotopian future. For readers of my novels and nature writing, it provides a window into the environment that has influenced that work. We are honored to have had the opportunity to be part of this, and hopeful that the story and message will inspire others to take on similar projects. The whole series is remarkable, with a diverse array of equally utopian projects, and perfect viewing on the eve of Earth Day.

HOME on Apple TV +, Episode 7: Edgeland House, Austin

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SF Author as Talking Head

My interview about Rule of Capture with the nationally syndicated PBS public affairs show Story in the Public Square is now up on the show’s page, after playing on stations around the country last weekend—a fun and wide-ranging conversation about lawyer stories, true dystopia, and lots more. This is my second time on the show, and I am deeply appreciative to the hosts, Jim Ludes and G. Wayne Miller, for having me back.